Amari By Vineet, Mauritius

“Amari”, Sanskrit for eternal, is Vineet’s outpost in the luxury hotel Lux, tucked away in lush tropical gardens near the quaint, sleepy village of Belle Mare. Here not only can one escape the routine but be surprised with delightful pop-up treats. An ice cream cart here, a fresh coconut stall over there… Al fresco dining, private picnics, goodies hidden in the gardens.

Amari is blessed with sea views of the finest beach in Mauritius and is surrounded by an unspoilt sweep of powder-soft sands, crystalline waters in sparkling shades of beryl blue and coconut palms swaying gently in the breeze. It offers a clean-lined but opulent space for Vineet’s scintillating fare of ‘Evolved Indian’

  • Amari by Vineet is not just about enjoying great food with family and friends, in a tropical setting; it is about creating everlasting memories through experiences and in this instance, culinary experience.



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