My Sweet Kitchen – Vineet Bhatia; VB Publishing Oct 2016

A collection Vineet Bhatia’s most treasured and iconic dessert dishes - inspired by a lifelong sweet tooth – My Sweet Kitchen is plethora of innovative, experimental treats from one of the world’s most renowned Indian chefs. Each unique recipe, designed to appeal to a ‘non-Indian palate’, explores Vineet’s imaginative use of ingredients and techniques, made entirely achievable for the passionate home cook. With recipes merging influences from east and west, playing on sharp versus sweet, warm versus cold and soft versus crisp – My Sweet Kitchen begins with the basics (pastes, curds and tuiles) before moving on to the creation of those show stopping desserts. Divided into ingredient–led chapters, such as ‘Milk’, ‘Fruit’ and ‘Chocolate’, recipes include chai panna cotta, peach-pecan filo moneybag and chocolate cumin fondant. The penultimate chapter, ‘A piece of cake, A slice of tart’ takes recipes inspired by people and places including Vineet’s beloved homeland of Mumbai. Suitable for all occasions, this isn’t by any stretch a typical dessert book, rather an ‘expression of creative freedom in the kitchen’, a celebration of that often under appreciated final course.

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Vineet Bhatia’s “New Indian Kitchen” is an extraordinary culinary tour de force by the world’s most celebrated Indian chef. The first Indian chef to be awarded a Michelin Star, Vineet Bhatia has been cooking his ravishing, modern take on Indian food to appreciative guests from all over the world from his elegant townhouse restaurant off London’s Kings Road since 2004. Over 150 of his most celebrated recipes are featured in this, his first book, accompanied by sumptuous photography from Lisa Barber. With a beguiling mixture of modernity and classicism, Bhatia introduces elements of molecular gastronomy as well as Western influences, creating a style that sees him appear on platforms all around the world with the likes of inspirational fellow chefs Ferran Adria from El Bulli and Heston Blumenthal from the Fat Duck. “New Indian Kitchen” is a giant step forward for Indian cookery books and a long-awaited publishing event.

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